7 Aug, 2017

Reasons I may get turned down from an Equity Release Loan

In our credit happy, loan reliant society there has to be some pretty strong reasons to be turned down for equity release, particularly if you have an experienced financial adviser on board. However, there are certain key criteria which providers will insist upon, which is both in theirs and your interest to comply with. Most […]
22 Dec, 2016
8 Dec, 2015
17 Nov, 2015

How can I Avoid Charges on my Credit Card?

Many of us are aware of some of the more common charges associated with using a credit card, for example exceeding the credit limit, but it is the lesser known hidden charges that are costing credit card users literally millions of pounds every year and for many this can be one the main reason for […]
5 Nov, 2015

Will a Payday Loan Solve my Money Problems?

Many of us will experience financial difficulties at some point in our lives. Whether it’s trying to save up for a deposit on a house, clearing student debts, saving up to afford Christmas presents for our children or even being able to afford the rent each month, money concerns are one of the main causes […]
19 Oct, 2015

Should I get a Bridging Loan?

For those of us that haven’t taken out a loan before it can seem very daunting especially when faced with all the figures and financial jargon that come as part of the process. Firstly, how do you even know what sort of loan would be suitable for you and your circumstances and secondly, even when […]
6 Oct, 2015

Why has my Loan Application been Declined?

When you apply for a loan there are unfortunately no guarantees that your application will be accepted and if you find yourself faced with a rejection letter it can be incredibly frustrating and stressful and what for most is an already worrying time. By law, loan companies are obliged to tell you whether you were […]
24 Sep, 2015

Discover the best ways to use your Credit Card!

Owning a credit card in today’s mass consumer society is relatively standard, however many of us are completely oblivious to the fact that we are using them in the wrong way. Money Lending Expert has put together some top tips to help you make the absolute best use of your credit card; to help you […]
10 Sep, 2015

Advice for First Time Buyers.

Getting a first footfall onto the property ladder is never an easy thing, in fact it is now harder than ever as thousands of potential buyers have found themselves squeezed out of the mortgage market by the controversial ‘affordability tests’, which were introduced a year ago by regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Alex Gosling, […]
17 Jul, 2015

How do I Apply for a Credit Card for the First Time?

Owning a credit card an be incredibly useful, especially in emergencies, but it can be a daunting prospect if you are applying for a credit card for the very first time. There are so many different credit cards available on the market that choosing the right one for you is a minefield and the endless […]